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Jean-François Desrosby, D.Mus.

Recognized for his energetic playing, his great virtuosity and his deep musical sense, guitarist Jean-François Desrosby has displayed his talent on the stages of the world. His formidable stage presence, marked by his ability to captivate and fascinate his audience, is lauded by critics.

Two solo albums have been received with enthusiasm and have garnered numerous positive reviews. 

Even if he is currently mainly active as a solo classical guitarist, he is also recognized for his versatility and his mastery of electric and acoustic guitar,  in styles ranging from world music, popular and rock music and all improvised music, in addition to having great stage and studio experience in these styles. He also masters many other instruments (old, world music or popular) in addition to having his own professional recording studio.


A unique technique with a scientific basis

A hand injury forced Desrosby to rethink his technique from the base. Extensive research in the fields of biomechanics and performance psychology have allowed him to pursue his career as a concertist.

This knowledge also led him to a doctorate in the subject and inspired him to write the book Classical Guitarists: Unlock Your Potential! in 2011.

He regularly publishes articles on performance psychology and biomechanics on the blog. Many readers are interested in his research and work in these subjects.


Modern education

In addition to his enthusiastic teaching at the Université de Sherbrooke where he is head of performance/creation and Graduate diploma in developing and producing an artistic music production (D.E.S.S. en développement et réalisation d’une production artistique en musique), Jean-François Desrosby is in demand as a pedagogue. He regularly presents master classes and lectures for universities, conservatories and prestigious organizations such as the Guitar Foundation of America.

The scientific aspect of his approach has been instrumental in the modernization of teaching guitar. It thus eclipses the more traditional method of teaching music often found in technical schools. Learn more about it


Scholarships and awards

Jean-François Desrosby has been awarded highest distinction in guitar from the Music Conservatories in Quebec.

He is a numerous time grant recipient of the Quebec Council for the Arts and Letters and from the Canada Council for the Arts. He also has been awarded scholarships from the Université de Montréal (doctoral), the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse and the Mc Abie Foundation, now known as the Wilfrid-Pelletier Foundation.


" Whoever chose the term energetic wasn’t kidding! " Classical Guitar Magazine

" Desrosby Rocks! " This Is Classical Guitar

" Equaling the energy of a rock band – move aside Hetfield! " Classical Guitar Canada

" I’d now be very interested indeed to witness this guitarist performing live on stage! " Classical Guitar Magazine

" He has much of taste and the true meaning of music." InfOpera

" I was impressed by the purity of his interpretation and his ability to captivate his audience " (R. Servin. Dir. FIGI, Mexico)


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